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About Ayodele

Ayodele Yonwato' Ayo-Akwe is a proficient data analyst who possesses a deep passion for the meticulous interpretation and analysis of data to derive unique insights and foster innovative solutions using an array of analytical tools. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Regional Planning from Lagos State University and equipped with various certifications, he is firmly committed to perpetual growth and continuous learning in the realms of data analysis and business intelligence. Ayodele eagerly anticipates contributing his expertise to a dynamic organization.

As a Data Analyst, he brings a distinctive skill set to the table. His adept critical thinking abilities enable him to meticulously scrutinize data and draw invaluable insights that steer the course of pioneering solutions. Furthermore, Ayodele's proficiency in problem-solving empowers him to swiftly identify issues and devise effective resolutions. With exceptional leadership acumen, he adeptly manages teams and coordinates tasks to ensure optimal efficiency. His exemplary customer relationship management skills enable him to provide unparalleled service to clients while nurturing enduring relationships.

Ayodele boasts proficiency in a variety of software, including Microsoft Excel, Power BI, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Google Workspace. Additionally, he actively seeks to expand his knowledge in AWS and Google Cloud solutions, cloud computing, and data engineering. Ayodele's robust analytical and problem-solving acumen, combined with his adept leadership and customer relationship management expertise, render him an invaluable asset for any organization seeking to optimize their data insights.

His professional journey has provided Ayodele with ample opportunities to apply these skills in real-world scenarios. As a former Junior Power BI Developer/Virtual Assistant/Systems Administrator at KEBI Intelligence, he adeptly coordinated meetings with clients and ensured their requirements were diligently met. In this capacity, he also served as the personal assistant to the CEO and expertly administered systems such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and Azure, overseeing user management, security, server maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, Ayodele contributed to task management using Azure DevOps, ensuring timely project deliveries and comprehensive documentation of processes.

During his tenure at Reddington Hospital, Lagos, Ayodele excelled as a Data Analyst and data protection officer. Here, he skillfully designed and constructed data pipelines using Google Workspace and a custom-designed SAAS solution, proficiently visualized data through Power BI and Google Data Studio, and crafted interactive reports and dashboards to drive revenue. He also exhibited his prowess in data exploration using MySQL, while providing daily reports to Lagos State Bio-Bank and Nigeria Center for Disease Control, all the while ensuring strict NDPR compliance.

Ayodele's leadership acumen was further showcased during his tenure as a Project Supervisor at Enigma Chemicals and Allied LTD., where he expertly supervised the production of numerous units of paint, skilfully managed income and expenditure reconciliation, and adeptly coordinated appointments and meetings. Additionally, he provided preliminary information to customers, expertly maintained databases and filing systems, and effectively managed and supervised site activities, thereby ensuring the seamless and timely completion of all projects.


Beyond his professional endeavours, Ayodele finds delight in researching diverse subjects, capturing and editing photos using his mobile device, indulging in beach visits, and engaging in mentoring activities for aspiring data analysts. He also enthusiastically volunteers for an NGO founded by his elder sister, an endeavour that has flourished under their stewardship for the past seven years.

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